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It is with the greatest pleasure writing you a few lines of my awesome experience being a recent passenger in one of your 4U WE DO sidecar tours. At no point in time would I have thought it could be so exciting in any aspect and still carry that big smile on my face. What you created seems to me a receipt for success and certainly compliments the beautiful Esperance coastline and surrounding beaches with all its attractions. It is such a unique concept and the icing on the cake is your fantastic attention to detail and great customer service. It quickly became evident to me that your passion for Ural motorbikes and your love for Esperance transfers well onto the excellent service you provide. I very much enjoyed the ride, your great sense of humour, your outstanding level of hospitality and Maria’s picnic ingredients J ….I’m now looking forwards to do it again rather sooner than later and in the company of a few good mates. In the meantime I will spread the good news and applaud you guys to a job well done.
Andreas Maier

From the very moment of arriving at our starting point I was greeted with multiple smiles and simply surrounded by a pure sense of happiness. The main guide and as I later found out Peter Grobler was fantastic in making every individual feel welcome with coffee and laughter. The bikes themselves were all in beautiful condition, all clean and all magnificently presented worthy of a beautiful invitation for any guest. The riders were also such wonderful people, always making sure that you were comfortable throughout your ride, neatly positioned within your highly comfortable sidecar. Cruising around the streets of Esperance, feeling the breeze on your face you couldn't help but feel joyful, strapping on old goggles over your face and helmet you can't help but feel like a kid in a candy store, delighted. After finishing the tour around the beautiful Esperance oceans, even though I have lived in this area all my life I feel as if a new wonderful aspect of this town has been seen. Thank you for the fantastic service and hospitality, I can't wait to do it again, a must do for any local or visitor of this wonderful town!
Kass Topping

Seduce your senses with these sensational sidecar tours in WA’s best-kept-secret tourist destination.

Feel the cool, ocean-fed breezes caress your face as you swoop and soar along the Great Ocean Road, gently massaging away the stresses and strains of everyday life. Savour the smells of bush and bays in this open-air experience. Listen to the symphony of sounds adding to the feeling of harmony with your surroundings: an orchestra of valve-gear percussion, burbling exhaust, thrumming tyres and flute-like eddies of air around your head. And marvel at the feast of colours in azure sea and skies, silver beaches and grey-green bush – your eyes will ache with the beauty they see.

An unforgettable experience which will find its way into the memory banks.
Kerr Felron Peebles

We spent a lovely two days with Peter, touring the southwest of WA. Had a great time. Fantastic company and well catered for.
John Lizamore




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